Don’t Wait—See Your Emergency Dentist in Parker for Urgent Care

May 10, 2017

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See the emergency dentist in Parker for quick relief. When would you like to schedule your dental emergency? Asked no one ever! And that is precisely why you need an emergency dentist in Parker who can see you no matter when you’re faced with an urgent dental circumstance. Dental emergencies can happen any day at any time. Call our office immediately at 720-851-6784. Depending on your emergency, we will schedule a same day appointment if necessary. Even if you don’t need same day treatment, one of our staff will be able to offer tips on how best to handle your situation. Not sure if you have a dental emergency? Call our office anyway. Dr. Allen and his team would much rather discuss an ordinary concern than miss an emergency.

First Steps in a Dental Emergency

As with a medical emergency, you should have a plan in place for a dental emergency, too. The first step is to call our office. Then, do the following.

Stop the bleeding. If your dental emergency happens as a result of a blow to the face or a serious fall, then bleeding may occur. Use a clean cloth or a gauze pad to apply firm but gentle pressure. Bleeding should stop or slow down within 10 minutes. If not, then head to the nearest emergency room. Dr. Allen is able to work in conjunction with medical professionals in order to provide the dental care you need.

Handle a Knocked Out Tooth with Care. The most obvious of all dental emergencies is a knocked out tooth. Don’t panic. Dr. Allen may be able to reimplant the tooth if you are seen shortly after an accident. In the meantime:

  • Touch only the crown of the knocked out tooth
  • Gently rinse the tooth is water
  • Place the tooth back in the socket if possible or hold it in your cheek or under your tongue
  • If neither of these is possible, then transport the tooth in a sealed container filled with milk or a mild saline solution

Be Gentle. If a facial injury has caused one of your teeth to become dislodged, never force the tooth back into position, which could further loosen the tooth. Instead, gently try to move the tooth. If this doesn’t work, then leave the tooth as is and head to your dentist in Parker.

Contact Our Office Immediately

Dr. Allen and his team are prepared to help you or loved one when a dental emergency arises. Call our office immediately for guidance or to schedule an appointment when your emergency happens.

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