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Painful Tooth? Why It’s Better to See an Emergency Dentist Than Visit the ER

August 7, 2019

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a woman holding her cheek in pain at the dentist office

You’ve got plans to take your partner away for the weekend. While thinking about the fun activities you have planned during a leisurely bike ride, you suddenly hit a rough spot in the road and go flying off your bike. Hitting the pavement, not only do have scraps on your hands and legs, but you’ve knocked out a tooth. What great timing! While it might seem that a trip to the ER is a reasonable option, there are reasons why you should stick to receiving treatment from your emergency dentist in Parker. Read on to learn why you will have a more thorough and personalized experience if you wait to see a dental professional.


Have Dental Anxieties? Find a Good Sedation Dentist in Parker

June 18, 2019

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Did you know that some statistics estimate that roughly 60% of people have some form of anxiety or fear when it comes to the dentist? Many patients may try to avoid appointments altogether, which can be a major detriment to their oral health. Luckily, there’s a way to make these visits more comfortable; here’s how a sedation dentist in Parker can use nitrous oxide to help nervous patients.


Deciding Between Cosmetic Bonding Or Porcelain Veneers in Parker

May 24, 2019

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dentist matching tooth color of veneers

Whether you’re dealing with chipped and cracked teeth or discoloration, there are a few cosmetic options out there that you could choose from. But how do you know which one is right for you? You’re tired of being embarrassed by your smile and want to be proud of it instead. Lucky for you, whether you get bonding or porcelain veneers in Parker, both methods are fast and easy. Renew your smile by concealing its imperfections. Read on to learn the difference between the two treatments and which one would be the best fit for you.


Did You Know that Your Dentist in Parker Could Save Your Life?

April 9, 2019

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Woman smiling

The number of cases of oral cancer continue to increase each year, over the last 16 years. Because of this growing problem, it is more important than ever to receive regular oral cancer screenings from your dentist in Parker. April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, which is an effort to raise awareness about this issue. Keep reading to learn more about oral cancer and what you can expect during an oral cancer screening.


Need a One-Stop Shop? Discover the Benefits of a Family Dentist in Parker

March 26, 2019

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family dental clinic

Here’s the situation: you just moved to the area, and you’re trying to find the perfect dentist for you and your husband, and your children. There are so many options that you become frustrated with the idea of trying to find two, but what should you do? If this situation sounds familiar, or you’re simply tired of shuffling your family back and forth across town to different dentists, maybe it’s time to look for a family dentist in Parker. Let us explain the benefits of having one great dentist everyone will love.


All about Cavities and How to Prevent Them with Your Children’s Dentist in Parker

February 12, 2019

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two children smiling

Did you know that cavities are the most common condition for children? In fact, your child is five times more likely to get a cavity than asthma. It is estimated that 20% of children ages 5 through 11 have at least one untreated decayed tooth. That’s millions of children! This February, which is National Children’s Dental Health Month, let’s take the opportunity to learn more about this problem that children face and how to prevent it in the future. Check out this helpful information from your children’s dentist in Parker.


Get the Smile of Your Dreams with Porcelain Veneers in Parker!

December 12, 2018

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woman brunette smiling perfect teeth

When you look in the mirror at your smile, are you unhappy with what you see? If so, then you don’t have to settle for it. Better yet, you don’t have to endure a drawn-out procedure to have your imperfections addressed. With the help of your local cosmetic dentist, you can finally enjoy the smile of your dreams with porcelain veneers in Parker!


Get the Most From Invisalign in Parker By Caring For Your Aligners!

November 14, 2018

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Someone holding up an aligner trayIf you’ve recently started Invisalign treatment to straighten your teeth, you’ll soon have a healthy, beautiful smile that you can be proud of – all without having to wear brackets and wires. In addition to being discreet, Invisalign in Parker offers other important advantages as well, many of which are because your aligner trays are removable. But the freedom to remove your trays also makes it necessary to take care of them as well. Keep reading below to find out how to maintain your trays to help you get the best results possible!


Dental Implants in Parker are the Best Solution for Missing Teeth

October 1, 2018

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Older woman smiling.Did you know that 3 million Americans have dental implants? This number is growing by 500,000 people each year, so why are implants so popular? Patients are choosing implants over other replacements for a number of reasons. Keep reading to learn why dental implants in Parker are the ideal solution for missing teeth, what implant retained dentures are, and whether you’d be a good candidate for them from your local dentist.


Cosmetic Dentist in Parker Debunks 4 Myths About Teeth Whitening

September 8, 2018

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A woman smiling.

Teeth whitening has gotten extremely popular over the years, which means there are going to be a fair share of myths floating around the internet and your own social circles. Instead of relying on information perpetuated by competition in the cosmetic dentistry space, consider these facts about whitening from an actual cosmetic dentist in Parker. That way, you’ll know exactly what to expect when you decide to sign up for treatment.

Busting the myths is the first step to understanding the facts. Here are four myths to start.


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