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Parents and kids with healthy smiles thanks to children's dentistry

Parents always want to do what’s best for their kids, and when it comes to oral health, many patients think that means visiting a pediatric dentist. However, for many kids, a family dentist is a better option. At the Parker dental office of Rodney L. Allen, DDS, we welcome patients of all ages, and that includes kids. As a family dental office, we can accommodate every member of your family with a dental appointment on the same day. That means you save time and don’t have to worry about making numerous appointments at two or more dental offices. Instead, trust our team with your whole family’s oral health care needs. If you want to learn more about our children's dentistry for Parker, CO kids and adults, give our friendly dental team a call to schedule an appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Girl receiving digital dental x-rays

We recommend kids visit us for their first appointments around the age of one or following the eruption of their first tooth. This initial visit is quick and painless. You’ll hold your little one in your lap as we gently examine their developing dental structures. If we notice any serious concerns, we may recommend you work with a pediatric dentistry specialist, but for the vast majority of kids, we can provide the dental care they need right here in our dental office. Once your little one is old enough to better understand their surroundings, we’ll take them on a tour of the dental office. We can show off all our cool technologies and gadgets, explain different treatments, and answer your little one’s questions. We want to help your child feel at home in our dental office, so they look forward to visiting our team.

The Importance of Preventive Dentistry

Smiling girl in dental chair holding x-raysMany parents think that primary teeth aren’t important, and that if these baby teeth damaged or decayed, they will just fall out. Unfortunately, this teaches kids the wrong lesson about the importance of dental care. It can also have adverse effects on their developing adult teeth. Without a healthy baby tooth to hold its place, the permanent tooth may erupt in the wrong position or develop with existing decay and damage. We partner with parents to help them keep their child’s teeth healthy at every age and stage of dental development with great preventive care in our dental office and daily hygiene at home.

Kid-Friendly Dental Treatments

Smiling young boy with bracesIn addition to basic dental checkups and partnering with parents to help their kids develop great at-home oral hygiene routines, we also offer a variety of kid-friendly dental treatments, including:

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