Avoid These Oral Health Dangers This Summer

May 1, 2024

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Inflatable pool toys

With the warmer temps, ample free time, and delicious seasonal treats, summer is time for fun! But if you’re not careful, it can easily damage your beautiful smile. Whether you’re heading outdoors, on vacation, or indulging in a refreshing dessert, don’t make these common oral health mistakes!

Chlorine Exposure

Chlorine works great for keeping pools and hot tubs germ free, but it can be very dangerous for your teeth. Excessive exposure can cause yellow or brown discoloration called swimmers calculus. If you and your family do frequent the pool, encourage them to swim with their mouths closed and do not ingest the water.

Blowing Up Inflatables

Inflatable toys like beach balls and rafts are always a good time, but blowing them up with your mouth is an invitation for spreading harmful things like S.mutans bacteria, which is responsible for causing cavities. If you do choose to fill your inflatables manually, don’t share the work with someone else. Looking for a better way? Invest in an electric pump. It will save you time and reduce your risk of contact with germs and bacteria.

SCUBA Diving

SCUBA diving is a great way to explore worlds you might never otherwise see. But unfortunately, ill fitting equipment can cause oral health problems, including “divers mouth syndrome” which can occur when you clench your jaw during changes in atmospheric pressure. 

If SCUBA diving is on the agenda, visit your dentist prior to your adventure to be sure you have no undiagnosed dental issues like cavities, loose fillings, or gum disease, and check that your equipment fits properly before jumping in!

Summer Sweets

Summer is the season for ice cream, popsicles, lemonade, and candy apples, but all these foods can wreak havoc on your teeth. If you do indulge, there’s no need to feel guilty. Just be sure to clean your teeth properly and attend your semi-annual dental checkup as scheduled.

No matter what you’ve got planned this summer, having fun should be at the top of your list, and keeping these safety tips in mind will help ensure that your smile stays healthy and bright all season long!

About Dr. Allen

An outdoor sports enthusiast, Dr. Rodney Allen and his team want you and your family to get outside and experience the beauty of nature this summer, but before you head out, make sure you’re protecting your oral health.

To learn more about how Dr. Allen can help provide top quality dental care, please visit our website or call us at 720-744-3698.

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