4 Invisalign Questions & Answers to Prepare You For Treatment

July 25, 2022

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Are you considering or getting ready to undergo Invisalign treatment? While you can be sure to achieve straighter teeth from this orthodontic procedure, you may still have some questions about what to expect. After all, creating your dream smile will take time, money, and commitment, so you’ll want to be well-informed before beginning your treatment. Keep reading to learn four common Invisalign questions and their answers to help you feel more comfortable about your decision!

#1: What Happens If I Don’t Wear My Invisalign Enough?

For your clear aligner treatment to work successfully, you’ll need to wear them for 20-22 hours every day. Even if you go without them for an hour or two longer than necessary, your teeth can begin to regress significantly to their original positions. By the time you’re scheduled to switch to your new set of trays, should they not fit properly, then you may require additional impressions for new aligners. This can cause a setback in your treatment and increase the overall cost of the process.  

#2: Will I Need Retainers After Invisalign Treatment?

Once you’ve completed wearing all of your Invisalign trays, your teeth can still potentially shift back to where they were positioned previously. To keep your results in place, your dentist will provide you with retainers. You may be required to wear these for 20-22 hours as well for at least six months. Afterward, your dental team may recommend you only wear them overnight for a few years. This can vary from patient to patient, so you’ll need to adhere to your dentist’s directions to ensure the best results.

#3: What Should I Do If I Lose a Clear Aligner?

Since you’ll be removing your Invisalign trays often before and after eating or drinking, you might consider investing in a storage case. Not only will this protect your aligners from damage while you’re enjoying a meal, but you’ll also be less likely to misplace or lose them altogether. If you do lose them, then you may have to wear your previous set of trays until you visit your dentist for new ones. Depending on your progress, they can either create new aligners for you or suggest you go forward with your new set.

#4: Will Dental Insurance Offer Coverage for Invisalign?

While some dental insurance companies may provide coverage for Invisalign, others may consider them more as an “elective” procedure. For this reason, you’ll want to confirm the details of your policy to be sure if you can make your treatment more affordable. You can also consult your dental team for help navigating your benefits, and they may even offer alternative financing options to help make your payments budget-friendly.

These are only a few Invisalign questions to consider before your treatment. Feel free to reach out to your dentist if you have any other concerns, and they’ll be happy to answer them and get you started with straightening your smile!

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Dr. Rodney L. Allen received his dental degree from the Baylor College of Dentistry and has delivered excellent care for over two decades. He also routinely seeks continuing education to expand his techniques and skills. He offers a wide range of services, including Invisalign. If you want to know more about Invisalign, visit his website or call 720-851-6784.

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