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Stabilize Your Bridge with Dental Implants

Despite the latest advancements in dentistry, tooth loss is still a reality for many Americans. If you’ve lost a few teeth over the years, you can enjoy a nearly perfect replica of your natural smile using the most successful solution in dentistry. Dental implants can replace your missing teeth using an alternative to a traditional fixed bridge, but are they the right option for you? We’ll help you make the best choice to invest in a beautiful smile.

Two Consecutive Missing Teeth

Woman treated missing teeth with implant-supported bridge.

A bridge and crowns are the most traditional method to replace two missing teeth in a row. We use an impression of your mouth to recreate the portions of your teeth visible above the gum line. The bridge is held in place by bonding dental crowns over the adjacent teeth. Although the technique is effective, you must permanently alter healthy teeth. Instead, a dental implant can serve as a tooth root, anchoring your bridge to your jawbone without needing any natural teeth for support.

Three or More Consecutive Missing Teeth

Image of a traditional bridge and crowns.

A fixed bridge can treat several consecutive missing teeth but won’t stop dental drift because it only replaces the crowns. As a result. Your natural teeth will be at risk of complications. An implant-supported bridge can strengthen your jawbone to stop your teeth from moving out of position. A titanium post is placed at either end of the bridge to hold it in place. The posts will act like roots, stimulating new bone growth in your jaw to preserve its density.

Multiple Missing Teeth Throughout an Arch

Model of an implant-retained bridge.

A partial denture is the most common option to replace several lost teeth in an arch while a denture treats complete tooth loss. They’ve undergone several improvements to look and feel more realistic than ever, but they will always have their limitations.

Believe it or not, dental implants can also treat significant tooth loss in an arch. An average of 4 to 10 dental implants can anchor your denture to your jawbone, eliminating slipping and irritation. If you still have a few healthy teeth, we can use a combination of single-unit implants and implant-supported bridges to fill the spaces of many missing teeth.

Benefits of Implant-Retained Prosthetics

Model of an implant-retained denture for lower arch.

Replacing the entire structure of a tooth offers various advantages that can’t be achieved using traditional treatments, such as:

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